Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Orange County Fair

As most of you know I am a HUGE fan of fairs. I absolutely love the energy, vendors, petting zoos and yes you guessed correctly - FUNNEL CAKES AND HOMEMADE LEMONADE. I waited all year for these two amazing food items and sadly did not get them on the 4th of July (the vendor ran out and nearly broke my heart). Being in California I went to the Orange County Fair and FINALLY got my funnel cake and lemonade. Not only did I get what I waited for all summer but I also got to hang out with some amazing people. Thanks Lauren for having me, I enjoyed spending time with you, your brother, and sister!

Worms eye view - welcome to my life. Btw, the
lemonade was fantastic!

Dream come true.

The big cheese. Woo hoo.

You are looking stunning ladies!

Mad skill.

Craft time! Oh I miss those days...

Best tea party ever, should of been there for this one.

This little tike was looking to feed some animals
at the petting zoo.

This lady was so cute with a rad style. Loved her!

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  1. love it!! I too love fairs. Did you stick around for the rides at night! SO much fun to photograph those. I recently did a fair at night, it was a great experience. Glad you finally got your funnel cake and lemonade (great choices!)