Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Divine Encounters

In order: Deserae, Rose, Annette, Emily
As everyone knows I am a huge fan of Barnes and Noble. I spend most of my free time there journalling, editing photos, reading & meeting people. I recently went a few days ago and happened to glance over at this girl with a cross tattoo on her ring finger ( God is really good at getting my attention with visuals, especially cross symbols). Listening to a little of their conversation I realized this group of girls were having a Bible Study. I couldn't help but to go over there and join them. They each told me about themselves, and where God was taking them on each of their journeys. They asked if they could pray for me & with no hesitation I let them do their thing. Its amazing how the Lord spoke through each of them to say just what I needed to hear. It was completely a "God Moment" that I was there in that place, at that specific time. Thank you Deserae, Rose, Annette & Emily for sharing a little piece of your testimonies with me. Your encouraging words truly touched me.
Lastly, whenever you feel that urgent pull towards something or hear that voice inside of you don't ignore it. God is speaking. Its up to us to tune in and follow.

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