Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Divine Encounters

I felt very inspired to post a blog today on this necklace piece. Take a closer look and you will find its a heart with a cross carved within it. I pulled it out of my purse to show it to a friend and my heart sank as I couldn't find it. By the grace of God it was under my car seat. This wooden pendant is very symbolic and special to me. I believe God speaks very loudly to me through crosses and hearts; its His way of symbolically saying, "I love you so much & I am here". Every time I encounter a heart or cross in front of me physically I can't help but smile because I know how much my Heavenly father appreciates me.
I delivered food to this table at work (I'm a waitress) and this older gentlemen was wearing this piece on a string of hemp. It caught my eye and I told him how much I appreciated his necklace. Without hesitation He took it off and handed it to me and said, "Its yours." I was beyond touched. Not only did He not know me, He gave me a piece of his own artwork that He carved. Divine encounter? Heck yea. God always wants to speak to us, and grow close to us. Never ignore the nudging of your heart - its God.

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