Saturday, September 3, 2011

Betel : Day 4

We started off the day with worship, which was phenomenal (every day worshipping with these ladies was awesome). We went to where the Betel guys lived and did some gardening then went to church where Carla spoke. Truly touching.

Betel ladies gett'n down on some Jesus! Very talented girls!

There is such an intimacy in worshipping God through music.
Sometimes I stop what I am doing and just watch. It makes me smile.

The jungle we were about to conquer.

Isn't Judy stunning??

Lanette taking notes. Girl you got this!

Hardworking girls!

My first time ever mowing a lawn. I found it exciting.

Stan was the weed-pulling master. Never stopped once.

Don chatting after weed eating the jungle.

Hard working Betel guys cooking us lunch after a long day outside.

Going to church, and listening to Carla speak (Carla is our team member).

Worship team.

God speaking to me after I couldn't sleep for days. Thanks God!

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