Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Betel : Day 6

The 4th of July was well spent in England....funny, right? We ventured through some really interesting neighborhoods and passed out flyers. The flyers get the word out that Betel takes donated, used furniture and refurnishes them. Betel then resells the furniture and uses the money to keep the organization up and running. They also have a gardening service to raise money as well.
The following night we went over to the guy's house where we had prayer appointments and a pizza party. They made us a 4th of July cake. Now if that isn't a sincere friendship between two countries after they part ways then I don't know what is. Okay, okay, the cake was actually made by an American missionary but still....

Debby passing out flyers.

We went door to door dropping off flyers in mailboxes.

It was honor to see the home of the man who
created my favorite Easter candy. I look forward to those eggs every year!

In need of a roommate? ;-)

On the left: An English mailbox.
On the right: A unique piece of decor hanging outside a door.
We need a few of these mailboxes imported.

No words needed.

Happened to run into this police officer in the park so I stopped to take
his photo (I loved his hat). He didn't mind, he was love'n life!

Why so serious?

We made friends wherever we went!

When the two of us get together the energy
level gets turned up a few notches!

Pizza party at the guy's house.

Too cute.

Happy 4th from England!

Some of the men we spent time with. They truly touched my heart.

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